The power of journalism has gone from being honest to that of do what ever will sell enough papers. Once it was filled with highly skilled people who had at their finger tips on large data bases that would verified that what they wrote was back up with real facts.

Then there were the rag sheets filled with sensorial stories of unbelievable events told by somewhat less than real people who had a wild imitation. They could be back up with slightly out of focus photos. As wild as the articles were the rag sheets sold. In today's market with everyone with a phone camera and the ability to make a story and blow it out of potions in a matter of minutes via the Internet it can be seen by millions. It seems that if you want an instant following just do something strange, weird, criminal, and sad your a hit.

Facebook and Instagram with was as it started out to connect people has been turn into rag sheet used by people who have an agenda against people or society. You Tube does not come off very well as it has been use to promote agenda's of terrorist groups.

With the Internet a person who lacks a code of ethics and the standard values can make lies sound like truths. Whereas a person who has gone through school that teaches journalism is ingrain with standards of being honest. There are those who have used their skill to write glowing reports with the right words only to be caught when others read and question the contents. Being exposed as a fraud does not help a person career.

News stories can change in minutes when more facts are added. News stories can be railroaded to reflect the reporters viewpoint or that who pays his/her salary. Even with live reporting a story that would normally be dull can turn or be turn into headlines just by the words, facial expression or jester that the reporter use in his/her message.

Most of the public lack the understanding that those on the 6 o'clock read from a script that has been skillfully craft to express views of the station. Those views backup with facts and sources. It is the same with newspapers that have been around for years who also have data bases that are not found on the Internet and are not access by the general public.

A newspaper like the New York Times have reporters from around the world and their networks of people who can report on a event in their country. Example is a reporter in Russia that can read, speaks, and write in Russian. Can talk with lots of people on record and off record. Who with contacts all across the spectrum to versified facts. This person knows where if the line is cross where they put the country or leadership in a bad light their light can be extinguishes as well.

In the US those who are far off base with their facts or sources can still twist a given story to reflect their lack of morals and integrity and still are believable. Given if a person so disserve to put influence on a subject that could in theory use the Internet in their own ways.

It is said that foreign countries have used the Internet to influence how citizens voted in the last president election. Russia was the one who brought hundreds of web sites to lay out creditably stories on both Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump. Other countries also did it on a lesser scale trying to influence the outcome when they appeal to former citizens in their own language.

In today's society regular news reporting has gotten lost with Tweet, Instagram, Facebook, or other media who all want the latest news story and can publish it quickly. They each know that in minutes another story of equal important will come forth, make a big splash, ripple in waves and silently just as fast be fore gotten.

april 2019