Those who are given charge or authority of anything must learn to walk a fine line. It is said that with leadership comes responbality. That it is longly on top even if you are surround by freinds and family.

A King of a country has many advisers as well has just as many jestors who think they are just as equarl as any others. But everything falls on the head of the King. A CEO of a company is in that same position a few words and the company can make a profit or just as fast plunder to the depths of a hole not easily climb out of.

There is a nice guy name Bill Hybels who while being nice has let his guard down in the past. He was the Pastor of Willow Creek until he step down when he was accuse of being an authority type of person toward others. Not showing enough passion toward women who seek his advice. Giving out advice or not when women try overly to comunited with him.

Other ellders have had their positions attack of not taking the Pastor out and burning him at the stake. For questioning those who accure Pastor Bill of not being more human towards others who might have done towards those in need.

These days a lot of people in high places are wondering if being in that high position has painted a target on their back. Both men and women have real fears that their contact with others will look to the media as if they were having more that a handshake relationship.


It becomes worst when your family members can also become the target, everything that can be found on the net becomes weapons against you and those who you work with.

Today's world for a journalist is either simple to gather news or just right scary to be seen gathering news. It is nice that there are so many people that have cell phones that you can blend in. Your cell looks just like anyone else's cell who will just take a few shots, seconds of video and up load to ever news outlet that is known.

Only a fool will carry a Nikon in a protest or try for an interview with a big mic and lights. Being a MOJO is so common that news agencies will accept stringers. With today's technology the agencies expect that the image will be good, sound is decent, the clip has been pre edited and ready to be shown live. Voice is optional since the station announcers will fill in the description of what is being seen. That is what they get paid for.

One way not to be a target to use a pen name or that funny photo not unlike others on Face book. That way you can safely eat at your local greasy spoon with out being pointed at.

War zones like Syria has taught stringers not to stand out, not to upload from the same spot more than once and keep a very low profile since all sides will rather kill you then become 6 o'clock news.

Think about wearing clothing that might blend in, but keep your torso from being damage. Wearing a odd hard hat if you move with the crowd of protesters expect that it could go from voicing a loud opinion to being pepper spray, tear gas, and worst when some one throws rocks instead of words.

Be like the old days when most news reporters had a columned may on rare occasions a picture was seen, but reported on news, but was not part of the news.

august 2018