From the very beginning of America throwing stones at the other political party was consider normal. Everyone was fair game when they were running for public office. When in office those who supported them before now have a new target. The elected official becomes the new target.

When George Washington became the first POTUS his critics attack him not as a good President but as they did King George of England.  When the next person to became President his critics did the same thing and it has been that way with every President since and it will be that way when whoever becomes POTUS.   The current POTUS, Donald Trump when his critics attack him, he responds with tweets and those that see those tweet range in the tens of millions. He is by far the most seen person on the planet and if he was a TV show, he would be a marketers dream.

Trump has been describe by every nasty word his critics can think of, even on the US Congress floor, yet his fans care not what is said about him, but what he Tweets about his critics. Even with a troop of Democrats all wanting to be POTUS in 18 months few will be able to match his wit even if it is off color at times.

That might be what it takes to be in the seat of being POTUS able to absorb all those comments made against a POTUS. To watch the ratings slide from being the Guy people look up to, to being just another clown in the Oval office.  The most popular person is not so popular after those first 100 days when all things that was going to happen is tired up in Congress  by people who have their own agenda on how to run a country.

This President will when he leaves office will have dozens of books written about him and will for a very short time be mention in history books. He will find that his whole time in the White House will fill up not volumes of a history book, but like all other Presidents a few paragraphs.

Very few other countries have every had any influence over who is elected into being President of the US.

In 2016 ethic newspapers carry all sorts of news with very different views of the up coming election, most people did not read Russian news papers,or any of the dozens of ethic newspapers that can be found in the US. Nor did they watch ethic TV broadcasts, hear ethics radio or be influence by the 190 ethic groups that live in the US.

One of the factors of the 2016 elections was how quibble people on the Internet were taking anything that fancy their view as being real. It seems that a very few people in another country made a lot of money with their fake news stories for as more people looked at their fake news the more commercial advertisers put their merchandize along side of the fake news.

Remember all the fake news from every Presidential election since second President John Adams was elected. Even in those days anyone with a printing press could change facts with fake news stories and very few people could separated reality from what really happen. As fast a horse could travel news was sent, then it was the railroad that news reach the next town, then in March 24, 1843 a message was sent 40 miles being faster then train could do.That lasted until radio where anyone anywhere could hear the news as it was being said.

Today we have the Internet where anyone can see what ever is happening anywhere on earth as it happens, unless it is delayed by a few seconds or is alter before being sent.



august 2019