Stop looking at the sky you might see something, that was when the first telescope was used. Standing in a tower overlooking the sea gave the user the ability to see ships faster then those down below. Able to spot people at a distant that could that they are friendly or an enemy had great advantage in a army. Looking at the moon in better detail blew away the wonder if life was also up there. It brought planets a lot closer, but again with the planet Mars the cracks on the surface became canals which whole civilizations just waiting to be contacted.

Reversed that instruments so as to being that small drop of river water into focus and behold small creatures are swimming around. A drop of blood became a marvel, and as that scope became more powerful it saw deeper into small worlds. The mysteries of life became open as never before when you can see what is really on the human body.

Science became the new evil for religion when that genie was let out of the bottle. One question was why was certain water safe to drink in one location while at others you got sick and possible died. Could it be that those little creatures swimming around in that drop of water kill you from the inside.

Most of the world centuries ago was more concern about feeding themselves then what was in a drop of water or far above their heads. If any question s was to be ask the Church had all of the answers and even to think that anyone else outside of the Church had any different answer was to be in the led with the Devil.

There were a few, very few who wanted answers to the mysteries of why it happens and how it happens. Standard answers would not suffice the mind of those who sort.


That is how mankind in some cases women kind have sort out answers to their questions. If the current selections of books could not answers their questions then possible if they look themselves they could find the proper answers.

Many beliefs out of the Middle ages were from ancient Greece and that of Rome it was what the human eye saw around them, as that eye grew older so the world went out of focus. Eye glasses were for the wealthy as was the telescope and microscope first consider as toys for the wealthy. Clocks were also for the wealthy who loved their toys.

Books were once handwritten one letter at a time. The printing press change all of that not only with words, but with pictures of telescopes and microscope and even eye glasses. A lot more people became skill in the production of these items and the world became an interesting place among the wealthy people.

They put down in print what they saw, they drew pictures of what they saw while it was still expensive to have a single book by any family, it was the wealthy who did the research and publish their own books. They looked at the world around them, saw a world and put it in print. Back then any family of status who wanted to keep a status among their peers, publish.

They publish sent their children to a local school to learn to read so that they could upon traveling write down what they saw so when they came home from that adventure they could write a book. Have it publish give status to the family.

Martin Luther did a great job when he translate the Holy Roman Bible to German leaving out those passage that conflicted with his beliefs. Then he dare those of his friends to look upon his new book.

The rest is history and we have kept on looking to this day.

december 18