Between Canada and the USA there is a electronic fence that is very long and in most places not even posted. The locals on both sides know of it being there, farmers and cattle ranches know of it as do the numbers of small villages that dot both sides. During the US probation of sale, ownership, making of booze those small villages did a brisk business in selling of said products. By the bottle, by the case or by the truck business of said product made people wealthy. What ever is banned in one country can usually be found just over the border if there is a market for it.

Both sides these days employed drones and over fly satellites to do the work of what border police used to do by driving that route.

Those that live on either side always carry good ID's so that when they are stopped and they will be stopped for just being there they can show proper ID. Since both (police) sides have instant access to both countries data basics from their local police departments as well as the equality of the US FBI data basics being honest when question is always wise.

Sharing this type of information on its citizens with other countries is consider routine especially in Europe where its borders until the last few years were consider open to all travelers. All vehicles were register with each country and that information was put into a central data basics so if said vehicle was involved in an accident a lot of people got involved in that accident from each agencies.

That has change over those few years as a lot of questionable migrants have enter Europe countries. A few countries have put up physical barriers of chainlink fences with a good helping of razor wire opting out of even having those migrants from entering their country.

That has led to an increase in crime as new arrivals come in with no skill level to get work, lack of language, and worst no money for housing. Depending upon the country these people come from the contact between European and African and the Middle East countries is an on going problem.

The war in Syria is a fine example of civilization gone amuck as sides battle of control of Syria all files on Syria citizens are not forth coming to Interpol. Those files from Iraq on its citizens have also not come into Interpol as well.

Many Middle East countries have active border patrols who will usually shoot first at anyone they think is not their citizens. Camels trains that once plod along know routes have become a thing of the past for the very fear of being attack by bandits or over head aircraft.

The liberal use of anti-personal mines between nations at war with each other or think they will be has made arms dealer wealthy. Many barriers in the Middle East have gone hi tech with AI drones being the ones who decide between friend and foe. Even physical barriers have been upgraded to have AI manning walls of the barriers.

Some of the older countries have had physical walls in place for centuries something on the smaller versions of the Wall of China to keep out the unwanted.

Turkey is the most current who has completed a wall to keep out those who are consider to be trouble makers. With tighten security and to combat illegal crossings and smuggling. It is armed by troops that will as under order to shoot at anyone who seeks entry into Turkey.

One has ask about the wall or barriers between the US and Mexico. Most walls can be scale by even the smallest of children even the newest walls made of concrete or metal can be crossed with little effort. The problem as has Mexico found out is that the migrants are a problem. They need to be housed, clothe, fed, many will not fit into a society that treats them as unwanted civilians.

In the US/Mexico 2,000 mile border is that some of it goes through areas where temperatures reach into the 120 degrees during the day and bitterly cold at night.The border traverses a variety of terrains, ranging from urban areas to deserts. The road that has seen the largest number of deaths is describe below.

El Camino del Diablo (Spanish, meaning "The Devil's Highway") is a historic 250-mile (400 km) road that currently extends through some of the most remote and arid terrain of the Sonoran Desert in Pima County and Yuma County, Arizona.

POTUS also wants to keep out the multi-billion dollar illegal drug trade that help killed 70,000 people in the US in 2017.

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