The old Soviet Union used to have trials of its citizens they were called Show Trials because they were for the masses similar to ancient Roman did for prisoners of war, dysfunctional citizens, and those who fell out of favor of Caesar. The sentence would be if they were lucky to be sent for a very long stay in Serbia, their families could also be sent there. Many times said trials would be held in secret and the fate of the condemned would be that they vanish never to be found again.

The day Donald Trump was sworn in as President many in the US Congress wanted to impeach him for anything that they could find. When the President investigate the connection between Joe Biden and his son Hunter Biden and Ukraine in the 2016 election it was all that the Demo crates needed to impeach the President. Even with the transcript of the phone call Trump made to the Ukraine President being release word for word. The words were re twisted to suit those House Represent that it was all that was needed to impeach the President.

Like the old Soviet Union they put on a very nice Show Trial where part of it was behind closed doors and witness for the House all favor the judges view point. The verdict was as expect along party lines. the problem while nothing that Trump did when he talk to the President of Ukraine would be classified as being even close to impeachable it did not matter since the verdict was already decided 3 years ago.

As it was pointed out the new bar for what is classified as being cause to be impeach has been set so low that any future President will be libel to be impeach just by being in office and the House of Representatives being of the other party.

An example would be if the House of Representatives is Republican in 2021 then if Mick Bloomberg would be sworn in as President the House could in theory find a cause to impeach him. If the Senate would also become the majority Republican then it would be slam dunk. They also could impeach the VP who would also become President when the Mike Bloomberg was toss out of office.

Since the Republicans were to be in control of both the House and the Senate they could in theory void the impeachment of Trump by the Democrats in 2020.

In theory!

Ethic newspapers in the US saw those impeachment proceedings as being a farce and it remained them of those Show Trials that were stage for the masses when they were under Soviet rule before the USSR broke up.

The US has their share of one sided trials stage throughout its history. Before 1776 when the new Constitution became law the court of England was the judge, jury and the hangman rolled into one. Where the English colonies was the penal colony where England sent their worst criminals. It was also the dumping grounds for the homeless of the major cities of England. Very cheap labor force where there was no place you could run too except the forest to the West control by the scalp hunting savages.

Congress saw that not every complaint against the President was impeachable offense it had to fall within certain limits because many of the Presidents in the future could have had anything that the Congress majority dislikes about the executive branch as being a reason to toss the bum out.

As the US grew and having more villages, towns, cities the rule of law and the number of lawyers, then judges grew also. The present numbers in the US Congress that have law degrees are 168 Representatives and 57 Senators.

They are also the ones who have the authority to write tax laws which it seems do favorite them in Congress and those that give the largest donation to the lawmakers campaign when it is time for their reelection.

Many in US Congress have grown very wealthy while in office as had many of their family members. Reminds one of the third world countries that wealth fellows those in power and being a family member does have it rewards.

The world press also had a field day. Better the rest of the world saw and heard when those in the US Congress saw to limited the possible of a President running in the 2020 election and possible winning that election.

If Donald Trump was to be impeach by both the Senate and the House it would barred him from holding public office for ever more.

Feb. 19