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President's Note

Once again we find that another year seems to have simply flown by us and the Holidays are upon us once more!

The Seasonal Messages, Music, and Movies (newly minted or long-standing classics) are all around us on Radio, Television, and PA systems at every turn.  Bell Ringers abound while crass commercialism bombards us at every turn of the dial or change of the channel! 

Yet there’s also something else that’s just as prevalent, easily overshadowing all else.  It’s the Spirit of the Season! Whether Christian or Jew…Muslim or Buddhist…Believer in a “Higher Power…or not, it’s presence cannot be denied.

There’s been an awakening.  A newfound, or newly discovered, inner strength and expression of the will of people from every walk of life and social strata, to put aside differences or petty disagreements, at least temporarily, while uttering or loudly proclaiming Greetings of the Season to familiars and strangers alike!

At this point, I usually bring out the successes of the year, talk about members new and old joining us at our monthly events.  Not this time.

​I’m focusing strictly on this very special season this year, by taking this opportunity to wish all of us…IPCC members past, present, and future (who may be reading this message) along with all our friends as well, a Very Blessed, Peaceful, and Joyous Holiday Season!


Wayne Toberman

, President  - International Press Club of Chicago

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