Most countries military have always want a super soldier who will stay awake and fight and be the best that they can be usually without rest. To be as smart as they can be on the battlefield, be that superman that can with stand pain and discomfort even if wounded.

It has been stated that in World War Two, the German Panzer Divisions were so high on drugs that they outran their fuel supplies on many occasions because they could stay awake for 4 days without rest. Except that when they did stop and rest they fell into a deep coma like state.

The Russian like to refer to their soldiers also as supermen and have been known to experiment with drugs to enhance their performance on the battlefield. The downside with said enhance person is that many of their health is destroy they become addict to the drugs. Their bodies will over time fall apart. Unless they are in the Olympics.

The US in its many battles have had a lot of brain damage individuals who have lost the ability to walk, talk or functions as normal soldiers would. So many have been damage on the battlefield that the military now have programs in place to help wounded regain their normal ability. Relearning those function has been very successful to the point that they are being also applied in the civilian world.

Already you can take out books and have courses on brain-training. To make ones brain smarter then it is. It is more than learning a new language like Japanese or Russian because it is or could be called rewiring the brain to be smarter then it is now. Not just to learn, but to have that memory of what has been learn. Some would say it is like the person with a photographer brain that can remember details.

In the military the machines that are being field are becoming more complicated. Many need to have operators that can understand the operations of them to the point to be able to field strip them and reassemble them back to working order.



Which can led to another point can the brain function to the point of repairing minor damage to the body if wounded on a battlefield condition. Pain level on individuals can be across the board. Some will scream with pain that others might brush off. Example those that play in sports where real damage is done in a football game only seen hours after the game is over with.The pain is there but it is put on the back burner until the pressure of the game is over. Then the screaming can start.

Military people under battlefield conditions in the field will if able to take drugs to enhance their ability to stay alert. Coffee and tea has been used for centuries, today it is energy drinks that usually have triple amount of caffeine in them which is not good for that person heart muscles. It is found that instead of these type of drugs a healthy diet might work just as well. Nutrition supplements have shown great promise in keeping people on stressful duty alert. Sleep as well has a good positive effect on the brain and body.

Keeping the body and brain health should start while that potential person is a lot younger usually in grade school. Where the young brain is learning. The wiring of a young brain to learn foreign languages, play musical instruments, do advance math calculations. Have been shown to work not so much in America as it has in Asia where learning is required.

With these studies they also include how other military armies keep their soldiers healthy without the use of drug enhancement. Which has the downsize when said person withdrawals from the drug.

Children have the ability to grasp information faster the adults have that ability. Just ask any 7 year old who has grown up with a laptop or tablet how to access their parents bank account.

Of course some will say about that it is not ethical to build a better person when it happens to be a child. Maybe under US standards, but in the rest of the world children know that having a better education keeps them out of fields harvesting crops. That might be the reason that the US primary education system is consider to be substandard far below third world countries


january 19