I try to stay within the law for I know to break one law I shall find that I could be placed in a small enclosure either by myself or with others that I rather not be friends with.

When I travel to other countries I know ahead of time which customs that they have and what sorts of possible trouble I could have if I would break one of their many laws.

I also try to stay out of areas of the country that are consider dangerous to foreigners like back alleys, crowds, and demonstrations of its citizens.

I also do not travel to countries where its citizens are marching against the government for any reason since to be seen anywhere but off to the side I would be seen as agreeing with the crowd. Even as a media person the most I would dare to carry is a cell phone, not the real expensive camera gear.

Even in this country being a media person runs the risk of being on the wrong side when groups of people gather to voice their opinions of popular causes.

One of the latest causes is the deporting of illegal foreign citizens who either have extended their green cards or have enter this country as illegal's by bypassing legal entrance producers. POTUS has order the ICE agency to began procedures to deport those illegal's.

The POTUS Donald Trump has order that ICE get rid of those who have broken America law by entering this country illegal or have broken American law by being a criminal. On would figure that honest citizens would go along with the law, but that is not the case. Any other POTUS would have the backing of cities and States, but since Trump won the election there are city and States that have told Trump to pound sand.


That became event when several cities and a few States passed their own laws giving illegal's rights over that of its own police and the laws that govern its society. The really bad guys who could be deported within the law would now have the protection of the city mayor or the State governor where its own police would be forbidden to corporate with ICE or any federal agency.

That makes the mockery of justice when ICE can not get or have access to the criminal system with in a city or State. The law is the law for all who is in this country rather illegal as it is in these cases or even if it applies to only me.

Again I understand that the bad guys run more than a stop sign or a family who has been in this country for years on end have not even run a stop sign both are treated the same way. They are to go home. I also find that some families who have come to this country have not even bother to learn English even that they have been here for years, while their children have.

It is not only ICE that is being stopped from looking into records in cities, but ever law enforcement agency from around the world. Interpol who used to arrange for its wanted to be quietly escorted out of cities have found that they are stopped from seeing if arrests could be on their wanted lists. The Hague have found that they are also stopped from access to city arrest lists because of liberal causes.

Terrorist as well as war criminals have found safe haven in the US because of its lack of information being passed around within the law community. Drug dealers and child traffickers have found that they can operate freely between cities when said cities close their books even to the FBI because of laws of information might bring out the ACLU.

Then you do have cities and States that do have a high percentage of its law makers who find that part of their life is spent in small cramp space courtesy of the State law enforcement system.

july 2019