The weather man said; that it might be a hot summer.

 So far the spring has been rather dry, the ground is already cracking. Farmers will find that it is great for planting their crop. Those seeds need moisture to spout and enough moisture to grow. Funny thing about Mother Nature she has a way of not doing what humans tell her to do. Pray for rain and the skies have been known to be cloudless, days and weeks on end. Then there have been times that she dumps inches of the stuff days on end. Drowning crops turning the fields green with mold, other times the fields lay without planet cover.

Cities in the US have found that their current water well are not deep enough, needs to be deeper almost having oil drilling companies do your drilling. If the rains do not come that could mean that the climate is ah changing at least locality. If you live high attitudes then it might have an impact on snow fall.
The Red Wood forest in the United States have not been getting enough snowfall/rain and it is showing it.

The thousand year old Red Wood trees are drying their tops are turning brown. Solving it could be a problem since it would mean piping in water, flooding the forest floor days on end. Barring, tourist traffic.
All cross the world dry conditions have change the way food is gather. Dry conditions have turn green forest into tinder boxes. Either man made fires or that of nature thousands of acres are being chard.

For thousands of years man has need it to rain, to flood the land soak the ground and prepared I for planting. When conditions are right you have a bumper crop, but if it does not rain on schedule crops might never get planted at all. India with its ever expanding population needs the Gods to bring on the rains, flood the country and bring forth bumper crops. Snow fall in the Himalayas have been light, the mountains glaciers are shrinking, and the once powerful rivers are but trickles of what they once were.


Title basins are created by the silk of the lands being dump at the mouth of the river, if said river falls to keep pumping its fresh water into that basin the salt water from the oceans will replace the fresh water. It will kill trees, and make the land un-useable.  At least or until fresh water can cleanse the basin and low lying lands of salt.

The lack of rainfall in any given area over a very short time will have condition to produce raging fires. Again it will be a very hot long summer with fires burning thousands of acres across the US and Canada. The conditions are also ripe in Europe where areas have not seen rain in months. The Alps have seen less snowfall each year. While glaciers are still to be seen, they are shrinking at alarming rate.

The rest of the world can see what Hell will be like. California is a prime example of lack of rain.  No rain to keep everything green , under dry condition a lighting strike will start a fire. Which will grow, spread and consume the forest, pastures and homes. While man will suffer the wild life will be killed. After the fire, skies will cloud, it will rain and you have mud slides?

It will repeat the event each year.

The world oceans are getting warmer on the surface. The Great Coral Reef along the Australia Coast line suffer when parts of it died from the high water temperatures last year.

june 2018