Extinguishing of the light and you’re in darkness.

A hundred years ago as well as a thousand years all women lack one common thing the right to voice an opinion at the voting booth. In America they march for that freedom, whereas in the British Isle they bleed and died for that right.

Bleed they did when men would attack the women for marching they attack back, fighting with walking canes, hat pins, hand bags filled with rocks. They have been accused of waling against churches that called the women sisters of Satan, by burning them, turning the pastors into Eunuchs causing mayhem.

It is said that the start of World War One had a lot to do with the women gaining their right to the vote. The women replaced the men in the factories, drove horse teams as well as trucks and cars. They show their worth with sweat.

One of the other things they slowly control their rights to control their health and their bodies, they started to filled the positions that once were reserve for only men.

In America the women did the same thing as women in England they filled the places where men once worked and suffer the same fate as the women in England when the men return from war. Women were escorted back into the kitchen. It was the Roaring 20's that open American women to the world. At least for a decade.

Not all women enjoyed what went on in the big cities, in Hollywood, or between the pages of magazines. Most women were subjected to being little more than slaves in the kitchen as well as the bedroom. They did not have say over their bodies where the husband, father, or the church held them in their grip.

In WW2 as men went off to war women again replaced them doing everything a man would do and again as the war was over the women were escorted back into the kitchen. Except that all the new appliances in the home, living in the suburbs, and having access to a car and a lot of free time to spend with other women. More women attend post high school and even went on to college.
Then there was the Pill which gave women the right to decide when and if they wanted to have children. Then there was 1973 Roe V. Wade where women had control over body that women who were rape could abort the unwanted fetus, women who were in contact with diseases that would deformed the fetus, that the health of the mother came first.

Many other countries who have struggle with similar cases also permitted and gave rights to women to control their bodies. At the same time many religious leaders believe that women are as it has been said in their holy scriptures that women do not have the ability to control their bodies and only their husbands and fathers should decide their fate.

Most religions are control by the male of their species and believe that the unborn out weights the rights of the mother. They also understand if women have any rights their religion would suffer as it would not grow. Since power in their religion is in the number of members. It is only when a religion of any sorts tried to apply their standards upon the rest of society that women run into trouble.

There are those people from religion groups who want all females to be held under one standard that only they will decide and have sway over. That any female no matter what age cannot have an abortion no matter what the circumstances are.

They do think that they have sway over all religions in the US who might have different views on women’s health rights and just might back up their views with more than words.

june 2019