Bernie Sanders who is running as an Democrat rate in the Democrat primary has muster enough delegate votes so far as possible taking the place on the November ballot as he runs against the current POTUS.

That does not sound bad except that Bernie Sanders all his adult life has claim that he is a die-hard Socialists with lending toward the side of being a communist. It was not bad when he was just a Senator from a small State, Vermont.

He could have run against Donald Trump in 2016 if Hillary Clinton did not interfere in Sanders seek for delicates. Like any good Democrat he turn to his only friends that have never let him down. He made a phone call to Moscow, Russia. They made sure that it was Hillary who would lose that election. While they did try to steal that election for Sanders it turn out to be that a bunch of kids from the country of Macedonia in Europe took control of Facebook. Their action was to have fun promoting Donald Trump as a possible president. With only a few dozen Facebook accounts they convince enough people that Donald Trump needed to be president and Hillary was large pile of "what ever".

What their games did prove is that Americans as a whole can be fooled just about by any story put out on Social Media. As Trump said Fake News.

This time it is Bernie Sanders people who have the control of the Social Media. Hundreds of his troops have access to ever news agency around the world labeling Donald Trump as the most evil human yet seen on this planet. Another thing is the attack on Donald Trump is in the language of each country citizens will read. So if it is in a Chinese newspaper editorial page it is in Chinese from one of Bernie troops.

Bernie Sanders do not not just have volunteers as most would call them they are Bernie Sanders Bro's as Sanders himself has label them. It could be compare to what A. Hitler had in the 1930 as he ran for office in Germany. Those were describe as Brown shirts a violent group of young men who took over the streets against anyone who challenge Hitler. The same thing is seen now as these young men and women have brought terror to those that challenge Sen. Bernie Sanders.

Something that those in the Democrat party has criticize Bernie on.

What happens when Se. Bernie Sanders becomes POTUS. The scenario is what movies scripts are made of. The best is that Bernie who wants to give everyone free college, tax everyone who has triple or more digits incomes, free health care, and give everyone a free house and all other free things in life.

One way is to call back all US military personal from around the world, when they are home give them a pick slip. Sell off overseas bases. Close US bases and turn them into homes for the homeless. Sell off any military equipment to other countries. Change how the world sees the US.

Radical by any description, but Bernie as President has the power to mandate what he wants for America, come Hell or high water.

To solve crime in America and the senseless killing that have been going on for hundreds of years he shall within days of being sworn in as president banned all firearms from anyone not a paid government agent. All such organization that have in their past engage in ownership of said weapons will be disbanded and their description will be they are illegal.

Honest citizens will apply or face stiff fines and jail time will apply.

When it comes to the US Congress that needs to be clean up. Too many have enrich themselves at the expenses of poor folks and their ill gotten wealth will be taken from them and out for social good.

It is expected that on social media people will critic what ever Bernie does that too will need to be stopped if Bernie solutions to America problems to be solved. One way is to limited how many accounts a person can have. One is enough. Also since Facebook is being used by ultra right wing fanatics Facebook needs to be regulate. That goes for all other social media companies.

If America wants to improved its image to the world then some currents thing must be done away with and new things added. While it seems in the beginning as a hardship to some, overall it is to everyone's best interest.

That will be in Bernie first hundred days. Positive E-mail comments are welcome any others will be meet with a knock on your door at 4 am.

March 20