I like it when it just has finish raining and you can smell the sweet clean air. The sun peeks through the clouds and I might just see a rainbow off in the distant.

The rain has done another thing too cover up the smell of all those folks spraying all those different types of chemicals to make their lawns look green.

A neighbor of mine, who 4 times a year get his lawn spray by a mixture of chemicals to kill everything but the grass at the same time adding just the right amount of mixed chemicals to make the lawn grow.

Need I say more about the chemicals that are spray by a guy dress in a chemical suit with an air pack on his back and he moves as the hose sprays out a fine mist. He only stays 10 minutes before off he goes to do the same thing to another client's lawn.

That play is played out all summer long chemicals being applied to thousands of lawns, farmer fields and orchards, while at the same time Syria is being accursed of chemical warfare. Ironic is it not.

When I'm out there pulling the same type of weeds my neighbor had, he looks at me if I'm the crazy guy, but I do fool him with a yard of selected weeds. The ones that have yellow flowers. That is yellow, one day and white with seeds the next. With a little wind they blow into his yard. With all that rich fertilizers they sprout.

I did buy a gallon of a chemical that will kill 250 different type of weeds. Weeds being any type of plant so deem as a weed.

There is a warning on the label that states that they are not warrant if anything happens to me, since I have read the warning label and will take the necessary precautions.

It says that to be protected, I'm to wear goggles, face mask, thick gloves, long sleeve shirt and long pants with close shoes. Do not smoke around the chemical, do not drink or eat anything while spraying. Wash out all containers that has had contact with this chemical. Store out of reach of children. Keep closed when not in used. Do not spray around pets since it is harmful to them.

If by the rare chance I'm contacted between this chemical and the person's (I) skin wash with water for 10 minutes. If swallow seek emergency help and call a number for chemical exposure.

Do not refill container and deposed in the proper manner.

I can buy this over the counter with no questions being ask of me?

Since I can buy this chemical I would believe that thousands of people who have similar low IQ's are also able to purchase such a lethal chemical without a back ground check.

Makes one wonder about rational thinking when it comes to military chemical weapons and those that civilians can buy.

may 2018