I like it when the company of a food product has listed all the ingredients on the label as well as the nutrition facts. Rarely will anyone ever read that label. Many products so sold in America have labels on them and again most people find reading those labels are time consuming and that they will still use the product.

People also have grown weary of all the warning that are issue about all the things that will do you harm that food contains. They might look at how many calories are on the label (cola) but will only scan the ingredients on the label. Most people are not aware of what all those ingredients are in the first place. Unless you’re a food chemist those ingredients mean little.

Sugar (in cola) is used to kill the taste of caffeine or that of citric acid whereas the salt is use to kill off anything that can feed on those sugars. But with so many sweeteners on the market and they are all listed as sugars again unless you’re a food chemist all what is in a product can be overwhelming to the consumer.

Too much of any ingredient will do harm to your body and food designers are looking for that right combination where it not only feels good to the taste buds, but looks great to the eye has all the right minerals gives energy.
While children might not understand what is good for them it is the adults are aware what is good for them to eat in limited qualities and when to good a thing is risky to their health.

About reading labels or better not understanding what is in a bottle of chemical weed killer or insert spray will be very haphazard to your health.
That is when not understanding that the chemicals are so design to kill that is with a capital "K" whatever it is apply to. A good example is the weed killer agent Orange of Viet Nam fame. It was design to kill vegetation and when spray on the right vegetation it did a great job.

It came with instructions (directions) how to spray it. It came with great big red letters mark "caution". In similar letters "danger". Lastly in case of skin exposure seek "medical" attention. Those who miss used it found themselves in either the hospital emergency ward or in the basement cold storage room.

Home owners still buy weed killers, bug killers, combination fertilizers, even with children and pets who happen to drag those chemicals into the house where they linger for weeks on end. Maybe that is why insurance companies have larger premiums on children when they are young.

 What is in your garage that is toxin to animal and humans? If it is a can of paint either as a quart or from a spray can it is toxin. Painting supplied used to be very dangerous when the main paint was filled with lead. Lead paint gave off fumes that linger in the whole house or apartment for days or weeks if used in cold months. Everything one will used in their automobile is toxin. Everything found under the kitchen is toxin while it might not say it in those terms, a child drinking dish soap will not improve the child health.

When it comes to those drugs that "one-a-day" to put minerals into your weak body is not harmful a person who wants to die by downing the whole bottle will usually destroy their liver in the process and not die.
Commercial tobacco smoke is a mixture of more than 5,000 chemicals, but that is not what will kill as fast as pure Nicotine where a couple of drops will drop a horse. Nicotine is also used as a very good insert killer. Poisoning of a rich relative was once common, but has fallen out of style, since science will discover what did them in.

E-cig are a rage since the tobacco nicotine comes in diluted liquid forms meant to be turn into a vapour that will give the person a high, what it does to the lungs as a vapour should be the same as if it was smoke.

Think of the first cave man who gather the grapes and as they rotted they gave off a strange and wonderful smell. Even today those grapes when they rot give off a smell, in my case they are toss to the squirrels. In those far off eons when man learn to store his finds in containers they rotted, but if he crush them for their juices he got a very pleasant surprise. He got drunk.
It might be one reason that humans went from hunter/graters to being farmers was that grapes required being taken care of. Keep wild animals from eating them when they ripen and if need to be gathering in large enough qualities to make wine.

Leather pouches for crushing grapes only works so far, better having gourds or better clay pots. 20,000 years ago in China such pots were developed and whoever develops them spread that knowledge around. Clay pots were created by baking gourds in clay.
Whatever the used of clay pots those pots were turn in vessels for storage of grain, fruits, water, and food. It kept foods from being eaten by other inserts or mice. Those were also used to store wine.

Reading the label have its limited since man will do anything to get their high even if it kills them.

november 2018