We live in the times where there are those who refuse to believe that the planet is getting warmer and that man is the cause. It could be that they are either because of their lack of science background, religious background or not wanting to believe that if it can not be seen then it is not there.

 To boogeyman is there knocking on the door it is not a rap, but pounding. All across the planet this past summer temperatures hit record highs.

India saw them raise as poor citizens fell from heat stroke (2016) while those that could have air condition did so. In 2016 the high heat cause deaths all across the spectrum fell in 2017, in 2018 that number was lower because the country had more air condition units operating. Putting the units in public buildings. They also had more sources of water flowing as in shallow swimming pools. What has happen in India is also seen in other nations where there temperatures have also hit record highs.

One of the major appliances being sold around the world are air condition units big office size and home size which will add an additional strain of power systems.

Heat has an affect on live stock, crops, grass, trees, and wild life. Looking at the US one can see what lack of rain can do. The grass dries up, lack of soil moister, the trees leaves dry out. As has seen this past month all it takes is a spark and thousands of acres are turn to ash. Worst when it burns the flames are driven by hot dry winds.

There is the downside when it is not heat that is causing problems. As the air becomes warmer it will heat up bodies of water. Bodies of water disappear faster as they heat up. The oceans are also being heated. Water vapor can add to storms as they move across land or like hurricanes add moister to the clouds. Those storms become bigger having more water in them and when it rains it is heavier, longer, and the winds are stronger.

Flooding are on not once in a hundred years, but ever couple of years. Cities along the coast that have topical down pours if occur during high tides suffer the worst since the water has no place to go. If at the same time winds off the ocean can cause storm surge that effects everyone as basements are filled.

All that is being seen around the world has been written, and said decades ago. What if man continues to add CO2 to the atmosphere how far will the climate change and what are the variables related to that change. The perm frost in the North will melt, the ice caps will melt, glaciers will melt, oceans will raise, storms will become more powerful and coastal cities will be under water. How fast is Hell going to happen are the hidden variables. But what ever will happen will happen. As the saying goes Hell and high water.

With the earth human population fast approaching 8 billion and all of us wanting the comfort of having hot meals, warm bed, air conditioning, lighting and all the creature comforts that we can get changing my lifestyle will not happen.

Things could have been different if the belief of the Nuclear Age could have been implanted back in the 1950's. Back then a Nuclear plant was to replace coal burning plants, proving cheap power. That was until my generation and the bomb decided that nuclear was bad, nuclear power plants were worst and for a safer world anything nuclear was to be banned.

In the 1980's China decided that its communist system was not going to feed the population and that being a capitalist country would be the solution. Neon has replace darkness in China cities and to make the tubes glow coal burning plants go online one per week, every week. India also saw its population increase faster then food being produce and like China decided that being a capitalist country was the solution. They also to get cheap power used their huge coal deposits to produce cheap power.

Dark times in many country's are not so much as being in the dark because they have light power by some form of energy. Wind turbines and solar panels were created by using energy usually from coal. Most cities in the third, fourth, and fifth world countries still relied on coal as their energy source. With the release of CO2 stored in these fossil fuels our planet will get warmer. Rather your belief believes it or.

National Geographic Magazine has a film called "Earth Under Water" I guess it would be one of the variables so mention as what might happen slower or faster then can I will say for sure.

November 25, 2018