When I was born the earth population was 2.5 billion now it is 7.8 billion with no slow down in sight. That is almost 2 billion since the year 2000 when it was 6 billion people.

On September 20, 2019 thousands of students around the went out and protested about climate change and that the industrial nation were not doing enough to stop it from happening.

These are the same students who parents slaved away to give them a better life, who believe if they work hard who like their parents before them their children would have what they went without. Life expectancy in the USA in the year of 2000 was under 75 years old, in the year 1900 most people died off in their mid forties. By the end of this century under normal conditions those born in 2000 will live well passed the 100 birthday.

I was born where Polio was common in the summer and the dreaded iron lung machine. In winter you could look forward to mumps, whooping cough, measles,chicken pox and the common flu which took their told. Then you have the other communicable diseases which medicine was just scratching the surface to find a cure.You had hospitals that were created just to cure or control specific diseases. Aspirin was the cure to lower the fever, but not much.

I remember ice boxes where a block of ice keep your food chilled, cold damp days and nights where you bundle up to stay warm in a basement apartment next to the coal fired boiler. In summer the flies, cockroaches, and mice were always a problem in the food panty.

Food was so-so common cereals, any fruit that was in season dried when it was not, bread where it could turn green in a few days we being poor it was already stale. It was common that my mother would can food that was in season while regular can food would do.

When we moved to the blurbs life was the same except that it lack the smog and dirt of a coal fired smoke filled city. Walk two miles to the corner food store. Walk to a bus a mile away, 3 miles to school where it was hot in the summer and cold in the winter. Became a school bus student. But to save money walk to school and back.

That is when my memory saw first hand what happen when diseases hit. If my first grade class contain 50 students in September by the end of school year it drop by 10 deaths. Common and average. Did not know the different between those who had a little to my family until TV came along out of those in the neighborhood 25 families only one had a big bulky Black and White TV.

I remember that radio announcement that it was a summer that no one, old or young contracted Polio a break though in medicine.

Gasoline hit .35 cents a gallon in the fall of 1973 and did not hit 1 dollar a gallon until July of 1979. My pay check was small but with a degree in my hand I was by all accounts over educated it meant little since not enough places needed smart workers. Apple 1 came out in 1976 as a toy, Apple 2 came out in 1977. With a 16 k bit chip. State of the art it could do little but make sounds that you program into it. It was a have to item for nerds. Cost was $1500.

Today children it is expected that their parents will give them a tablet, cell phone and a warm bed. As a child few realize that it has come with delights and sorrows delights being cheap things, sorrows at the cost of industrial wastes, land fills and lots of things sensible people toss into their rivers and oceans. Today's children discard as much as they get what garage is not filled with past toys that lost their luster by the next Christmas. It goes with fashion that what is on the bodies as a must have will in a short time be in a clothing bin to be ship off to Africa.

The I need it today generation has not or is not willing to accept that they are the ones who plunge the planet into the mess that they now complained about. They are the ones that added 2 billion people and all of the CO2 it generated to the atmosphere. That they will also have more children who will in turn add even more CO2 to the atmosphere further warming the planet.

After these students did their thing theywent back home flip on the TV and saw themselves do their thing. It would believe that while they were shouting down their parents they were also using devices to Facebook their actions to their friends.