Eons ago man when he started farming and keeping wild animals he did what Mother Nature could only do over time. He started to alter what was grown and change the animals. He cross bred animals and alter plants. Many types of apples became a stable food product to many cultures.

Look at rice that is feeding Asia, first it was found in swamps, then someone discovered that it could be planted in ponds, then a terra of ponds. Wheat enjoys the same thing that a slight combinations of grains pollen created a whole new plant with larger grains. The rest is history.

Man breed dogs for eons, hunted with them fed them and fed upon them. He tame deer, sheep, goats, cattle, and bees.

To make a plant better you give it water, sometimes the left over scrapes from a meal or the human waste of that meal. Slowly over a few seasons that harvest grows bigger per acre. More food meant more people that you could and needed to grow more. So on and so forth.

American corn as we know it was developed from wild grasses it is not found in nature and will only grow in numbers if protected. Many types of corn can be found slightly change to match where it is grown.

Other food products have been change to feed humans in ever larger qualities. Both as more food is grown to feed an ever growing numbers of consumers.

It is not just to feed humans, but what is grown to put clothes on his back. Sheep wool is changing, being made stronger to last longer. Cattle hides also are slightly thicker, cattle resistant to diseases, able to graze in areas that were not suited for them in the past.




The common regional cotton plant that has been equally grown for eons are being alter to resists bugs and climate change. To grow on less water have bigger buds, less seeds and to feed on and in different types of soils.

Fields of cotton like to free of weeds which have been a problem which once was no problem but like all in nature weeds have adapted to chemicals and these new breeds just love to spout and spread their kind. Biogenetic have created a new plant that can change the contents chemicals in the soil to which that the plants can live on while weeds die off.

Bees those cute little farmers that are needed in such quantity that without them mankind will suffer. They are and have been under going a change usually dying off in such numbers that threaten large fields of crops. The African Queen bee when they mate inside of a American honey bee hive they alter the gene pool killing off the regular honey bees. The problem is to use the American honey bee and those from Africa and created a new type of bee that will feed on all types of flowers.

Which the African Queen bee does not. Breeding a new bee too also brush off chemicals that are spread on other food crops to prevent them from being eaten by bugs and fungi.

As people fear or embellishes that we on the eve of creation of new plants and animals to survived what we have done to this planet. Instead of correcting our mistakes in the first place.

october 18 2018