By the end of this month next year the world shall know who will be running against POTUS Trump

Both cities where the two conventions will be held will see what a lock down is really like. Similar to what happen in 1996 Democrat Convention in that city where the City of Chicago did vast sweeps along the route between Chicago Loop and the United Center.

Milwaukee, Wisconsin, and Charlotte, North Carolina will have seen there cities turn from tourist trips to well fortified compounds. Security would have been tight with everyone entering the sites will be screen every which way. Background checks on everyone that would have enter the convention site. That means everyone from the guys who empty the trash to the Speaker of the House will be screen.

Media people especially media people will find that they will have limited access to the convention centers, hotels, even where they can go within the area of 6 blocks from the convention site.

The Democrats are very touchy when it comes to the news media since many will be US citizens stringers working for news bureau in other countries. Barring non-US citizens from being able to enter the buildings.

The 24 currently running will be reduced down to a hand full even with that number mayhem will proceed.

It will be very interesting to see if all those groups who want their views to be seen at least once on network television will get their say at disruption of the event.

We live in an era where each person can send in a second a picture of another, yet it seems that both political parties have lock down the WiFi connection within their convention site. Signals will be jammed within meters of the building. Only those networks that have hard cable feeds will have free access to the outside world.

How much security will prevail all depends upon how many threats each convention gets. With dozens of extremis groups all seeking to make life of those who attend each site miscible as possible. It is known that many who attend will have been clear months before they set foot in the city. Biometrics of each person will make going into those buildings easy as it will when they are assign hotel rooms.

The long lines hopefully will be a thing of the pass when a person ID can be place on a chip embedded just under the skin. My ID will limited me to certain areas on the site which can change it it becomes needed to further my access to people. It also a way to stopped from being asked ever few feet by security why I'm there. Those who have the highest clearance will walk freely around the building, hotels, and restaurants. Those who are common like me will not attempt to enter restricted zones. Like the same floor of my hotel that foreign diplomat stay on.

Since the hoha in 2016 elections these events will be a challenge to any security that will be put in place. With the threats from a lot of fringe groups who will arrived in large numbers to cause disruptions the world will have a front row seat for hours on end.

The press corp will have their hands full trying to sort out who is going to interview who and if they have access to that person or not. What dinner can they attend without clearance made out far ahead of time. Who will carry other recording devices or if possible can they get a copy of the interview.

The next year will be interesting to see if the world will ever take America seriously, not that they have ever have.