An interesting type of bug (aphid) that attacks the cannabis plant. It loves to munch and can destroy a field of plants almost overnight as it can leap from field to field. In Oregon it has caused millions of dollars in damage, as cannabis is now consider a very valuable ($450 million in 2017) crop.

Funny thing about this type of bug that it could not be found in Oregon a few years ago.  Many types of diseases are attacking cannabis plants around the country as each State legalizes its production. Somebody or some organization might be on a campaign to destroy these crops or might be to destroy the competition.  Mexico has had a big stake in bringing cannabis into the US and these legalize farms is cutting into that business. Since many cannabis farms are located out of doors they can be attack as any other farm crop can. It has been reported that plants grown indoors have not felt the invasion of these problems. Again it might not be practical to try to grow acres of plants indoors since all it takes is someone entering the enclosure and releasing bugs.

Like years past where illegal patches of cannabis that was growing were guarded by armed men, this might be the solution to stop these attacks. Since many are small time growers to start with and can ill afford human guards higher security will now mean video cameras being installed.



The problem is that while research on cannabis has been going on for decades by government agencies white papers are still under the need-to- know clause. Millions was spent by the DEA on how to destroy the plant without the method destroying other plant life.  So plant biologic warfare to kill a plant was a goal.  Logically that would make growing large fields or small plots as an easy target that would look as if was natural plant disease.  

In those past decades the goal of the government was to kill off as many plants as possible without spending large sums of money.  DEA was always trying commercial weed killers that anyone could buy. Sometimes it works so well that not only was the pot plant killed, but nothing would grow on that plot for years.

What used to be done by using a helicopter dropping in agents to clean a field of pot is now done by drones?  Drones they can deliver chemicals deep within a forest or over a farmer out door field and over a greenhouse.  Anyone can fly a drone, silent, be it a DEA or a guy from Mexico.

Good news for the farmers is that private growers have created cannabis plants that are heartier to pests eating them.  With DNA and genetic twinkling have created strains that are separate from what is availed to the public now.  The cost is pricy, but the high is higher and last longer and it comes in pill form.  A lot safer than fire and smoke.

Ah! America. Do you not love it.


september 18 2018